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Wrought Iron Gate Classification

Wrought iron gate classification

Maintenance method

Generally speaking, the iron gate in the production process of manufacturers has taken into account the characteristics of outdoor environment, in the choice of materials and coatings are to be antirust, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, anti insolation, so users only need to buy Iron facilities for well-known manufacturers. Do not covet cheap, buy some substandard quality iron facilities on the list. In order to prolong the life span of outdoor wrought iron facilities, we should do the following:

1., regular dust removal.

Outdoor dust flying, over time, iron facilities will fall on a layer of dust. It will affect the color of iron, and then lead to the breakage of wrought iron protective film. Therefore, it should be regularly cleaned outdoor iron facilities, generally soft software to wipe cotton fabrics as well.

2., pay attention to moisture.

If only the general outdoor air humidity, you can rest assured that iron facilities rust. In case of heavy fog, apply dry cotton cloth to wipe the water on the iron art; if it rains every day, you should dry the water in time after the rain stops. Because in recent years, most areas of China acid rain raging, after the rain should be immediately left in the iron on the rain dried.

In short, as long as the master of the maintenance of common sense, in daily life, pay attention to the protection of iron furniture, you can extend its life, so that you carefully selected iron products to accompany you for a long time.

Installation method

Generally speaking, iron doors should be equipped with electric locks,. The electronic lock is a relay control mechanical lock device, has formed a variety of series production of different structures, including electric lock (Yang Jisuo), a cathode (electric lock), lock magnetic lock, electric lock etc.. Here I introduce to you how to install the iron door, electric locks.

First of all, the iron gate to understand the details,

Wrought iron gate

The electronic lock has a magnetic lock and a latch. The magnetic lock is the simplest, it can be installed directly. There may be a thread problem in the latch. Try to choose the concealed place and use the small metal tube to spread it. No matter what kind of lock, you must install the door closer, otherwise it will not work. Door closer is a device that closes the door automatically.

In general, the installation of electronic locks is the key to the door and indoor machine wiring, and if it is connected to the network, it is easy to operate, plug directly on the line. If there are several different colors of the core line, as long as the door machine and indoor machine terminals are connected to the corresponding color of the line can be.

The general electric control lock has two poles, as long as the two electric locks are connected to the visual doorbell respectively. Can also give the iron gate to design a personalized electronic locks, access control, power supply is 12V AC, using electricity commonly used power two 6V maintenance free storage battery as backup, use the key to open the door or by electronic control, closed when not (just a simple mechanical principle). The battery is only a few seconds (1-2 seconds) open by opening instructions, and there are only two lines on the lock.

HangZhou Weigang Metal Products Co.,Ltd

LingGang Industrial park, XiaoShan District, HangZhou City, Zhejiang province, China 

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Charlie Fu (sales manager)

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