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When Setting The Balcony Railings, You Should Pay Attention To The Details!

With the emergence of more and more new steel structures, this problem has been a perfect solution, in the choice of Balcony Railings, there have been more and more construction units began to mainly to the new zinc steel this steel.
As a new type of steel alloy, zinc steel is not how many people understand, but in many construction sites in the South, the new zinc steel Balcony Railings has been used as a common railings in the construction and installation.
Here is a brief introduction to the zinc steel Balcony Railings design some of the notes.
1. Balcony Decoration There are two or three balconies in primary school and middle school, and in the home decoration plan, we separate primary school and middle school on double balcony, and are restrained. Living room, Balcony Railings master bedroom adjacent to the balcony is the main balcony, the results to leisure-based.
2. If the balcony after the perfect planning, the living room of a department, a small study, or a nap, as long as you use a little bit of thought, it will make you amazing. Leaving a piece of green space in the modern dormitory, people often away from the natural, so we need to add some more space green.
3. Zinc steel Balcony Railings balcony decorated balcony, you can continue to use the brick top of the traditional Chinese construction of the "hanging beam" of the craft skills, so that two red "false beam". The resolution of the plan on the balcony, using the simple Spanish tiles of color. The inside and outside of this alliance, the depth of the plan, makes the whole balcony different from the atmosphere.
Zinc steel Balcony Railings through the hot dip zinc pool soaking, the surface adsorption of a layer of zinc layer, which play the role of electrochemical protection, from the inside to prevent the steel substrate rust. Through pre-treatment and zinc-rich phosphide The process enhances the adhesion of the coating to the substrate. After the polyester color powder coating forms a permanent coating, no matter what the environment, the zinc steel Balcony Railings will not rust, fade, powder, fall off, the color is lasting and bright The
The design of the zinc steel Balcony Railings of the selection of what kind of screws this is essential, because the entire zinc steel Balcony Railings are fixed by this screw. And this should take into account the strength of the balcony balustrade and life, once the screw problems, it must be fatal for the entire assembly railings. In the zinc steel Balcony Railings appeared in the past ten years there have been different manufacturers introduced a lot of assembly parts, and each kind of accessories using a variety of screws. In the case of
For example, the market is now the most used to stretch the fixed seat, the seat of the standard equipped with the screws are stainless steel pull riveting screws, Balcony Railings and pipe wall fixed together and then screw into the Balcony Railings so install Solid, strength is also detected by the national testing department. In the case of
And the Balcony Railings because the riveting the edge of the drill are wrapped around, so that the hole is not easy to rust, so that is the best way to assemble, but now some manufacturers in order to save costs using self-tapping screws, self-tapping screws Do not use the main force in the place, why do you say, because the Balcony Railings zinc steel pipe are relatively thin, self-tapping screw attack can only test so thin pipe wall to support force. In the case of
Self-tapping screws in front of the small back is easy to loose, loose is easy to fall off, and Balcony Railings self-tapping screws are directly attacked galvanized pipe will destroy the tube coating, self-attack point is easy to rust. So that the strength of self-tapping screws even more checked, if received a strong continuous force, self-tapping screws can not afford.