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The Role Of Aluminum Alloy Shutters In Bathroom Decoration

The role of aluminum alloy Shutters in bathroom decoration
Bathroom floor, the most important consideration is the focus of the water treatment done, you must also want it to look beautiful, trampled and comfortable. There are many options here, each with its pros and cons. If the comfort is the main consideration, the carpet is the most popular choice; but donated anti-moisture, it is best to use specifically for the bathroom design of the rubber floor of the carpet. Despite this occasionally there will be concerns about the smell - especially when the child at home (adults may also be careful to splash the water when the L, the most likely to produce odor.
If the floor in the bathroom to the ceiling are puzzle on the tiles, is also quite appropriate. Granite and tiles can create a casual atmosphere. But any kind of tile floor, step on the foot when there will be a sense of Qinhuangliang, and when the wet is also very slippery, so when you buy, be sure to determine whether the tile floor with anti-skid design.
How to do the bathroom ventilation
Only install an exhaust fan, in fact, only consider the discharge of odor, did not consider the intake. That is to ignore the air circulation is such a key issue.
Because the bathroom is generally sealed around the door if you do not install the ventilation Shutters, the problem came out, in the toilet when the door is closed, the smell was shut indoors, toilet back door was closed, so The entire bathroom there is no air circulation, this time the work of the exhaust fan in the "vacuum" state, the air did not enter the air did not come out.
Do not you know that you have the bathroom decorate? If so, that does not matter. There is a very simple remedy, as long as the woodworking to do a Shutters, and then the bottom of the door to open a hole can be installed, if your bathroom is a glass door, as long as the glass to open a diameter of about 250mm hole, Alloy shutters, can be attached with silica gel.
In addition, you may wish to put a fragrance on the vents, so that when the exhaust fan open, Shutters on the fragrant film let the natural wind into the bathroom aroma, help to get rid of the smell.
Venetian blinds:
1, different formats of windows should be equipped with different Shutters curtain. If it is a vertical vertical window, optional general Shutters curtain; if it is horizontal windows, can be equipped with blinds curtain, this will appear with harmony, inside and outside the same, beautiful and decent.
2, buy Shutters curtain pattern is also great stress. The layout of the living room with the Shutters curtain, should be used with waterfall landscape pattern, can make people like being in the poetic landscape. Arrange the bedroom, the general optional color soft, elegant pattern of plant paintings, still life paintings or geometric patterns, etc., to show a harmonious and warm family atmosphere.
3, buy Shutters curtains best with the room furniture and wall color coordination. If the walls are milk yellow or white, can be equipped with ivory Shutters curtain. The walls are light green and can be fitted with gray or green Shutters curtains. Brown and red furniture, can choose pink or champagne Shutters curtain. In this way, the cold and warm colors coordinated with each other, making the room look elegant and unconventional.
The benefits of aluminum shutters are summarized as follows: its excellent shading function and shielding function, his flexibility is very good, not prone to deformation problems, can effectively resist the sun's ultraviolet radiation. This kind of aluminum alloy Shutters leaves very delicate and delicate, feel very comfortable, the color is also very rich. There are many types available for users to choose from.
Aluminum alloy Shutters outdoor installation recommended single size width should not be greater than 1.2m, height should not be greater than 1.6m. The aluminum alloy Shutters above the brand or label removed at the time of installation to the window frame profiles supporting the fixed pressure bar installed, the first installation of both sides of the narrow, and then install the long sides. Aluminum Shutters is the primary choice for home decoration products, argument one: the choice of a wide range of many, aluminum shutters style a wide range of colors for different users of aluminum alloy Shutters to provide a range of options. Do not even clean the damp after the Shutters leaves, otherwise the solid wood Shutters it can not be completely dry, it may produce squamous peeling phenomenon.