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Shutters Are Better Than Curtains

Shutters are better than curtains
A: beautiful and energy saving, simple and neat
The Shutters can be completely put away, the window scenery at a glance, the window simple and generous. Curtains take up some of the windows of the window, making the width of the visual windows of the house affected, it is tedious.
B: Dongnuanxialiang
The use of a good insulation material, effectively keep the indoor temperature, to achieve the purpose of saving energy Simple free angle adjustment, control into the light to adjust the blade angle to control the incident light, you can adjust the blade to the most suitable location.
C: protect privacy
To the direction of the bumps to block the outside line of sight, while at the same time, blocking the upper and lower from the outside sight of the night, the blade convex to the room, the shadow will not be reflected to the outside.
D: clean and safe, easy to clean
Usually just wipe with a rag can be used, please use neutral detergent. Do not have to worry about fading, discoloration. Waterproof zinc steel shutters can also be completely washed.
E: Block ultraviolet rays
Effectively blocking the UV injection, protect the furniture from the impact of ultraviolet light and fade.
The Shutters are mainly composed of leaves, adjusting rods, wire frames and pull lines, which is the first choice for home furnishings.
The style of the Shutters is single, but the colors are numerous. In the choice of the color of the Shutters, pay attention to the color of the wall, furniture, color match.
For example, the real color of the cabinet is best to choose the same color; ordinary white walls can choose any color, in general, can choose beige or white.
1, quality. When buying Shutters, it is best to first touch the Shutters leaf is smooth to see if each leaf will be burr.
In general, the quality of the Shutters in the leaves of the details of the treatment is better, especially plastic, wood, bamboo leaflets produced leaf, if the texture is better, then its life will be longer.
2, flatness and uniformity. Look at the gaps between the leaves are consistent, whether the leaves fade, bleaching or significant color.
3, accessories flexibility. The shutters have two effects, one is to adjust the shutter switch, the other is to adjust the blade angle.
In the maintenance of the adjustment rod, the first Shutters hanging flat test to see whether the lift switch is smooth, and then roll the adjustment lever to see if the flip is also flexible and comfortable.
Shutters are a kind of new home decoration, new building, decoration will basically use. Modern people advocate healthy and comfortable life. In all the decoration materials with unparalleled natural beauty. A simple piece of wood, so that the city in the jungle of the river in mind the green trees and tree-lined trees, as if there are strands of green leaves from the top of the fresh oxygen out quickly into the heart. For the natural beauty of wood, people want to have, especially in green and healthy today. Home, as the most secret and relaxed place, people want to decorate the comfort of some more. There is wood to help, elegant expression is also very easy to naturally show. Stylish handsome hardwood doors and windows tend to make people unforgettable and impressed. Whether in the visual and tactile, the wood is superior material. It is clear and profound lines will immediately attract people's attention, people can not help but want to touch the texture of wood. Solid wood Shutters is to make the room look elegant and elegant. From the Victorian era to the current design changes in the United States, the wood has always played a very important role in which. Which is called the classic beveled glass and lanterns and comfortable natural hard wood window grilles, has let the number of home people full of nostalgia.
Different from the soft texture of the curtains, Shutters leaves like wood, glass and aluminum alloy and other materials, it can resist the sun, wind and rain, dust erosion, and easy to clean.
The Shutters on the market, or slender gorgeous, or bold and divine. The overall arrangement of the horizontal lines to show the style and warm beauty of the plane. Through the regulation of light, Shutters can also bring modern and simple space to change the pleasing feeling; a variety of colors to make the choice of Shutters and home decoration style integration.