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Railings Height Precautions

Railings height precautions
   Balcony Railings are closely related to our lives, it is a protective barrier, to prevent accidents or items falling children, so the safety factor of the balcony Railings is very important, and which the balcony Railings will have a strict height. Can not light the balcony Railings and ignore the standard parameters. Low-rise, multi-storey residential balcony Railings net height should not be less than 1.05m; high-rise, high-rise residential balcony Railings net height should not be less than 1.10m. Closed balcony Railings should also meet the balcony Railings high requirements. High-rise, high-rise and cold, cold residential area of the balcony should be used solid board.
  Balcony, inner patio, verandah, rooftop roof and outdoor staircase and other temporary space should be set up rail bar, and should meet the following requirements:
1, the height of the air below 24m, the Railings height should not be less than 1.05m, the height of 24m and 24m and above (including high-rise residential), the Railings height should not be less than 1.10m; Note: balcony Railings height should be Floor or roof to the top of the Railings armrest vertical height calculation, such as the bottom of the width greater than or equal to 0.22m, and the height of less than or equal to 0.45m can be pedal parts, from the top of the tread can be calculated.
2, Railings from the floor or roof 0.10m height should not be left blank;
3, Railings should be strong, durable materials, and can withstand the load specifications of the horizontal load;
   Aluminum Railings are useful in life and are almost everywhere in life. For the Railings of the accessories, but also need to be maintained, and then Xiaobian tell you aluminum Railings accessories maintenance methods.
 First, to avoid bumps: Railings in the handling, may be on the aluminum Railings of the parts of the bumps, do not care will cause Railings accessories scratches, and thus affect the appearance, so the need for special attention during handling.
 Second, the regular dust: aluminum art Railings accessories with a long time in the surface of the accumulation of dust, which will affect the color of the Railings, so you can choose cotton wipes wipe the Railings, Railings on the surface of the depressions or relief decoration The dust in the dust can be used for dust removal.
 Third, the door of the villa door up and down embedded steel plate must be aligned.
 Fourth, in general, the green door of the door width of the door should be on the basis of the door plus four centimeters or so, should not be more should not be less.
 Fifth, the door of the door of the door base of the cement label must be high, the width is usually not less than fifty-five centimeters.
In the case of family safety accidents, some of the victims are on the balcony, especially for the lively children and the inconvenience of the elderly, the balcony of the security measures must be strictly checked. In the design and production of balcony aluminum Railings, manufacturers are following the following points to follow.
In the low windowsill additional Railings, heavy appearance effect is more secure
Common low windowside distance of about 0.5 meters, if close to the wall to increase 0.4 meters Railings or fences certainly meet the requirements of the protective measures. But because of the aesthetic requirements and the use of the requirements of the sill, many people like to put the Railings in the position close to the sash, if the windowsill table too large, such as bay windows, etc., children often stand on the windowsill overlooking, and the user must stand On the windows, then attached to the windowsill on the Railings itself height should reach 0.9 meters, if the windowsill is too low, the residents tend to be unconscious climb to the windowsill, should not simply add a low Railings, otherwise the danger is not fully eliminated.
When a fixed window is used as a protective measure for a low sill, there is still a danger
Recently, there are more and more homes with low windowsill or floor-to-ceiling windows, and there are several cases where there are security problems. Such as the strength of the fixed window frame is not enough, the user lying on the window frame will lead to glass rupture; floor windows with only fixed glass, no necessary protection, children play, chair overturned normal activities will break the glass, causing danger; Residential high-rise dwelling in the use of floor-to-ceiling windows, if there is no necessary protective equipment, the elderly generally reflect the vertigo when the outside. Similar circumstances as long as the complaint, the designer will bear some responsibility. At the same time, according to the relevant norms of foreign countries and some of China's regional standards, May 1, 2001 implementation of the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association standard "sloping roof under the living space technical regulations" put forward: "When the inclined roof window single glass area is greater than 1.5 square meters, should be used safety glass. " Therefore, the design of fixed fan floor to the glass window, be sure to take feasible safety precautions.