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Quality Analysis Of The Bay Window Guardrails

Quality analysis of the Bay Window Guardrails

1) the installation design of the bay window guardrail without welding is quick and easy to install.

2) four layers of anticorrosive treatment of the Bay Window Guardrails, over twenty years of service life, solve the problems of rust, pulverization and cracking of traditional products in a short time, and are exempted from maintenance and renewal fees.

3) the decorative and rich colors of the Bay Window Guardrails, meeting the personalized needs of different customers for the products.

4) the bay window guardrail is environmentally friendly, pollution-free environment, etc., which solves the problem of pollution building of ordinary products.

5) good flexibility of the bay window guardrail, the steel and flexibility of the base material have good impact resistance.

6) the bay window guardrail adopts electrostatic spraying of the surface of the porcelain process, so that the guardrail product has good self-cleaning performance, and the water washing and spraying can be as bright as new.

7) bay window guardrail adopts the safety bolt of stainless steel of zinc aluminum alloy fittings, the design of prevention of pilferage, solve your worries.

8) the installation mode and floor board installation under the guardrail of the bay window, saving your building foundation cost and saving the land resources.

9) good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and moisture resistance of the bay window guardrail, suitable for use in different areas.

10) Bay Window Guardrails from base materials, accessories to coating, all adopt premium brand products, and fundamentally guarantee product quality.

Might be a lot of people have a misconception that bay window fence because he has a good anticorrosion performance, so think generated later all don't protected, in fact this is a big mistake, I will introduce you to this, why bay window fence he will not rust?

It's not rusted, because it has several layers of protection, zinc, polyurethane coating, and if you remove both layers of protection, you'll find that the bay window guard is rusted. So after the bay window fence has been made, we still have to protect it. For example, we all use the film processing before leaving the factory, the lamination is for you to be installed in the time not easy to scratch the surface coating, like the car waxes the reason.

What questions do you need to be aware of to protect the bay window guard before installation and after installation? Before installation materials to protect you, don't let the noise of the pipe must be pay attention to the inside water, should be strictly and water, the water for hot dip galvanized pipe is two-sided galvanized, but there is not like outside the protection of the spraying layer, just as long as the zinc layer protection, water did not immediately on the above relations, but if put it to soak in the water, coupled with the temperature is higher, it is easy to oxide frosting. The iron base material in the time has a rusting possibility.

You might say that if the galvanizing layer doesn't work, that's the way to say it, but some of the things that tell you that they're using very good zinc-plating might actually be a problem. So what I tell you is not to test your material good or bad, best is not to give it oxidation condition. This is the storage time to pay attention to, and then when installing, try not to scratch the coating, if you have the right to choose the color, it is better to choose the color with the pencil hardness.