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How To Solve The Problem Of Rusty Corrosion Of Zinc Steel Balcony Railings

How to solve the problem of rusty corrosion of zinc steel Balcony Railings
Zinc steel Balcony Railings main use and then replace the traditional iron walls and brick walls. Mainly used for residential walls, factory walls and villas walls.
Zinc steel Balcony Railings why can replace the traditional wall it, because the zinc steel rails with corrosion-resistant, non-rust characteristics, while zinc steel rails, color changeable and without post-maintenance reasons, by everyone's welcome, the color can be heart Set, at the same time by the installation after the year do not have to carry out maintenance, after the natural erosion of the rain can be as clean as new.
If the raw material surface has stolen goods or dust, will greatly affect the adhesion of the powder, thereby greatly reducing the product life.
Many Balcony Railings manufacturers in order to reduce production costs, without treatment directly spray, so that the product life will be greatly reduced, so here to remind you that the price requirements, but also pay attention to the quality of the product.
Zinc steel Balcony Railings in the current building materials market to simple, beautiful, modern atmosphere, smooth lines by many consumers of the pro-Lai. These are zinc steel Balcony Railings outside the United States, in fact, zinc steel Balcony Railings internal performance is also very Objective, the first is the safety of zinc steel Balcony Railings is relatively high, the material is the use of high-strength hot-dip galvanized material, the use of advanced welding technology, coupled with a reasonable design, so that the strength of the entire zinc steel Balcony Railings a lot; Second, the zinc steel Balcony Railings surface after a special treatment, so that the surface is smooth, not rust, clean and convenient, do not need maintenance; third, zinc steel Balcony Railings for you to create a good living environment, you can stand high Distant scenery, can give you a safe and comfortable environment.
There may be a lot of people have a misunderstanding, is the zinc steel Balcony Railings because of his anti-corrosion performance is very good, so that after the generation do not want to protect, in fact, this is a big mistake, this I will give you about , Why zinc steel Balcony Railings he will not rust, it is not rust, because it has several layers of protection, zinc layer, polyurethane coating, if you remove these two layers of protection, you will find zinc steel balcony The railing is also rusty.Therefore, we made in the zinc steel Balcony Railings after a good, or to some of his protection to deal with.For example, we are all in the factory before the use of film processing, foil is for you when the installation is not easy Scrape the surface of the coating, like the car wax the same reason.
Before you install and before the installation is complete, pay attention to what issues to protect the zinc steel Balcony Railings? Before you install the material must be careful to prevent the water inside the pipe, strictly speaking, should be water and water , Because the hot galvanized pipe is double-sided galvanized, but there is not the same as the outside of the protective coating, which as long as the protection of the zinc layer, the water did not matter immediately above, but if it soaked in water , Coupled with the relatively high temperature, it is easy to oxidize the cream. A long time inside the iron substrate there is rust may be. You may say that if the galvanized layer is good, then this can also say , But some tell you that they use a very good galvanized layer may be really a problem, so I tell you is not to detect your material is good or bad, it is best not to give it oxidation conditions. Storage time to pay attention to, and then is installed in the time as far as possible not to scratch the coating, if you have the right to choose the right color, it is best to choose a good pencil hardness of the color. After installation, you'd better put the surface of the mud What's the stains in time Well, there are washing the wall of oxalic acid is also the best clean in time, the general manufacturers of the powder are against this, but the amount of oxalic acid on the coating will be affected if the light color, it is best installed After the zinc steel Balcony Railings on the surface of the membrane tear, or high temperature exposure, then the time the film is difficult to tear off the sticky on the above will not damage the coating but will affect the effect of the surface. After the best is to carry out the finished product protection, with a bubble film or other materials wrapped around. So when the house to stay when the need to repair a lot less chance.