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Home With Shutters, Wind And Rain Are Not Afraid Of The Sun

Modern Shutters were invented by the Americans, called John Hampson and in August 21, 1841 made the invention patent.
Shutters are generally relatively wide, generally used for indoor and outdoor shade, ventilation. More and more people agree that the Shutters are evolved from the Shutters. Leaf curtain wall features many advantages, and very beautiful, generally used for high-rise buildings.
Shutters, windows with louvers. Different from the Shutters. Shutters like curtains, leaves smaller, can Shoulong, is our TV or daily common.
Now, the Shutters have become a big "red man" in people's lives. Every family has brought the shutters back home, or in the bedroom, or the living room, or the study, or the kitchen, or the bathroom and many more. As the Shutters have a good ventilation, rain and dust, adjust the light performance, can be very good to meet people's requirements for a comfortable environment. We in the purchase of this Shutters in the process, need to pay attention to the following points to note.
First, in the purchase of Shutters, first of all to look at its specifications. If it is concealed Shutters, its length should be equal to the height of the window, the width of the window than the left and right sides of the narrow 1 cm width. If it is mounted Shutters, its length than the height of the window grow about 10 cm, its width than the windows on both sides of the width of about 5 cm. Normally, for small rooms suitable for use with concealed shutters, larger rooms are suitable for use with fitted Shutters. Second, the purchase of Shutters, it is best to be with the room furniture and wall color coordination. If the walls are milky yellow or white, you can match the ivory Shutters. If the walls are light green, they can be used with green or gray shutters. If it is brown and red furniture, can be used with pink or champagne Shutters, we in the purchase process, we must combine their own decoration style to choose.
Choose aluminum Shutters instead of traditional curtains is now a lot of fashionable young people's choice, because it is not only good ventilation shade, but also to ensure good privacy, people in the room can be more relaxed.
Bamboo, straw mattress curtains more environmentally friendly but waterproof and moisture-proof worry; fabric Shutters cheap, but also the existence of short life defects; and thus moisture-proof, durable corrosion-resistant aluminum Shutters became the new darling. But in the purchase, but also pay attention to some tips in order to ensure quality.
Whether it is aluminum Shutters or other Shutters, it is essential to be the size of the specifications in line with the quality of the first time to see the leaves to see whether the work is fine, the surface with or without defects, etc., there are not only affect the appearance of the blade will also affect the appearance Opening and closing is smooth; the other to personally try to adjust the lever is easy to use, whether it is to adjust the lift or adjust the blade angle should be smooth without blocking and astringent. Finally, according to their own place to install the appropriate choice of aluminum Shutters and installation: the general bathroom can choose a fixed Shutters; and the kitchen or a smaller form suitable for installation of concealed louvers; big point of the best form Choose to install.
Zinc steel louver profiles have a lot of classification, zinc steel louver profiles are divided into straight and vertical bar two. In the installation and use, zinc steel louver profiles are divided into the shutter type, tile style, mosaic style and so on various categories, in the home decoration or room decoration construction, different design styles choose different zinc steel louver profiles to give Indoor view to add a different sense of three-dimensional and spatial light changes, which is the ordinary window can not bring.
In the use of Shutters, zinc steel louver profiles by the construction of the pro-gaze, because the zinc steel Shutters special materials, so that after the installation of the service life has been significantly improved, and compared with ordinary plastic Shutters, zinc Steel Shutters have a certain degree of rugged, plastic-type Shutters and zinc steel lacquered profiles are no way to compare. And after a long period of sunlight, the plastic type Shutters will be variant, softening, discoloration, etc., in this regard the characteristics of zinc and steel Shutters than plastic-type Shutters to be a lot better.