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Green Belt With Railings Choose What Kind Of Material Good?

Green belt with Railings choose what kind of material good?
Green belt railing is installed in the road or street around the green belt, play to prevent pedestrians trampling the purpose of green belt. Based on his practical role, so generally in the design of the time to consider is beautiful, low cost So many of the previous are used pvc. Pvc cost is really low, but when his life is very short, easy to aging, as well as low strength, easy to hit bad. But because of his low cost and appearance is still beautiful, so still in large use, but the defective products will be eliminated by the market. Zinc steel green belt with a good rake to make up for the defects of the pvc Railings, zinc steel green belt with good strength, in the street side of the road can be a good way to increase the service life, the probability of being destroyed is greatly reduced. Taking into account the cost of green belt Railings are generally relatively low budget, zinc and steel with the cost of railing and pvc cost difference. Based on this also makes zinc steel Railings replace pvc Railings become possible. Shape, zinc steel Railings can be made and pvc basically the same, and zinc steel Railings are assembled design, after a period of damage, maintenance is very convenient, zinc steel Railings there is one of the most important features are not rust , The color can be arbitrary.
Zinc steel balcony railing has become widely used in various protection products, then we in the purchase process, how to pick high-quality balcony railing products?
First: look for regular manufacturers
In the purchase of products, we should look for the formal production-oriented manufacturers, must not be a moment of cheap, to buy inferior products, inferior products not only can not play a protective role, and easy to rot, short life, high maintenance costs , Many customers reflect the purchase of inferior products, arrived at the construction site simply can not install the use, had to re-purchase. So when the purchase, we must verify the regular manufacturers, manufacturers to provide relevant production qualification certificate.
Second: zinc steel Railings quality
Zinc steel Railings quality, a direct impact on the life of the railing, zinc steel balcony Railings should be assembled without solder joints, strong and solid, each relationship with the use of cast aluminum parts linked to stainless steel screws fixed, so 30 years without rust , And beautiful, generous. Formal zinc steel guardrail manufacturers, Railings surface using hot-dip galvanizing treatment, processing is completed by the use of phosphate, curing, organic zinc epoxy layer, spray drying, automatic computer production line production line, and some small side The use of bread oven, is relatively short oven room, and is artificial spray, it is difficult to ensure quality.
Zinc steel Railings are a new type of product compared to wood, iron and stainless steel. Most of the home furnishings are now made of zinc steel Railings, mainly because the iron Railings are painted and the stainless steel Railings do not seem to fit People's aesthetic, zinc steel Railings because of various advantages more favored by consumers. Since the zinc steel Railings by consumers, the market above the product will certainly be the quality of good or bad, zinc steel railing quality is directly from the appearance of the coating to see out. Then what time in the procurement when we use to identify the quality of the spray is good or bad:
First, it is recommended to find well-known big brands, well-known zinc steel Railings manufacturers to do the quality will be better, but this is not absolute, the most important is to see the surface of zinc steel railing spray effect is smooth, if the surface appears pimple and Pinholes will be air oxidation, a long time will rust, but also to remind the pure color can not have variegated.
Second, is to see the adhesion of zinc steel Railings surface coating, the fastest way to identify is to cut a small paragraph and then hit with a hammer (a little violent, the effect of the fastest), see will not block off, see Tu Layer and inside the galvanized material is not completely bonded together, if the layered off that is the manufacturer's spray process problems. Many consumers have a question - zinc steel railing with a long time will not fade, in fact, this problem is very simple, as long as the coating to do the effect is good, zinc steel railing on the coating will not fade.