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Application Of Bay Window Guardrails In Sunshine Room

Application of Bay Window Guardrails in Sunshine Room
      Zinc Steel Bay Window Guardrails is one of the classic models of the sun room. It follows the British Victorian palace architectural style to create a rectangular or trapezoidal slope with a framed slope that responds to exaggerated decorations of the Victorian sun room , The following tips, the classic and serious polygonal surface reflect the different sun, like sparkling diamonds, "diamond house" reputation.
Features: the atmosphere of luxury, court style, the area should be large should not be small.
Suitable area: a large garden villa building, roof terrace and other sun room three-sided ring, one side with the living room or room.
Applicable functions: Guest, leisure.
Byzantine (curved roof)
Byzantine sun room, wall and ground connection, is a huge arc. Arc, I am afraid that is the most able to give people the shape of the reverie in the sun room HuDing, seems to be separate space, rather than cold glass, but Just a curved line, a country wide Bay Window Guardrails deadline. Features: stylish and beautiful, doors and windows of the open way Ling Bay Window Guardrails live. Suitable area: Villa Garden or Terrace, multi-storey and small high-rise apartment large balcony (must have A certain width.) Applicable functions: tea, fitness, and the world of their two people.
The mysterious Mediterranean civilization has always been a random idea. Today's sun room also absorbs the essence of the Mediterranean architectural style. Vertical stents and sloping ceilings, co-operative, very concise, more is to make days, earth, So the flower theme of the cloth, country-style rattan chair, colorful flowers in full bloom, is the Mediterranean sun room, excellent match.
Features: simple shape, flexible form, the area need not be too big.On the side, two side walls.
Fit areas: no top balcony of the multi-storey or small high-rise apartment, the lower corner of the villa, and so on.
Function: suitable for factories, small rest, meditation.
Zinc Steel Bay Window Guardrails Sunshine Room Design Creativity
Zinc Steel Bay Window Guardrails sun room service design originality: home to grow fruits and vegetables, enjoy the smell of sunshine fruits and vegetables. Generally speaking, people will not do the farmers for many years, tired, easy to pick some fruit also eat no Worrisome life expectations of labor and labor and other fields.Now, some people pursue green city in urban architecture after the "roof farm" after a few years ago Zinc Steel Bay Window Guardrails, also began in its 10 square meters platform , Even in the window of the railing, grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries, apples, peaches, orange, cherries, pears and tomatoes, peas, radishes, cabbage, cucumber, leeks, etc., can decorate their own space, Vegetables, food transport and housing bureau delicious luck. Small balcony, sun room orchard can let us think of childhood in the domestic parents spent those fascinating wonderful time.
      Zinc Steel Bay Window Guardrails refers to the use of zinc alloy material produced Bay Window Guardrails, because of its high strength, high hardness, beautiful appearance, bright color and other advantages, become the mainstream residential residential products. Zinc steel Bay Window Guardrails has become Residential area using the mainstream product, is that its material composition of the superiority, then the zinc steel Bay Window Guardrails is composed of what material? The following Xiaobian to tell you about.
Zinc Steel Bay Window Guardrails consists of substrates and accessories.
Zinc steel Bay Window Guardrails base material for high temperature hot dip zinc material, hot dip zinc is the high quality steel into thousands of degrees of zinc liquid pool, soaking for a certain time after the zinc liquid will penetrate into the steel, so that the formation of A special zinc steel alloy, hot dip zinc material surface without any treatment in the wild environment can be up to 30 years without corrosion, such as: highway guardrail, high voltage tower are used high temperature hot dip zinc material, its anti Rust up to 30 years, completely solve the years of rust, beautiful and safe between the problems.